CBBC Newsround gives a brief overview of the 5 pillars of Islam

BBC Religion looks at the five pillars of Islam and what they mean to Muslims

The BBC looks at ‘Islam at a glance’, and explains what Muslims believe in

CBBC Newsround does a special report on ‘What is Islam?’ and looks at the lives of Muslims in different parts of the world

Short stories describing what Muslims believe in and what the Muslim character should be like

CBBC Newsround provide a short summary of ‘Who is Muhammad?’

Time line of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, with a description of key milestones in his life

Short stories of the Prophets in Islam

Islamicity explains the 5 pillars of Islam in some detail, with the opportunity to link to videos of Eid prayers and Friday prayer in Makkah and Madinah

BBC Religion explains who the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was

BBC Religion shows with photos how a Muslim prays five times a day

Virtual Hajj tour showing the important steps all pilgrims must take to complete their pilgrimage to Makkah. Includes a short video clip about Hajj

BBC Religion provides information on Hajj and Eid-al-Adha, accompanied with suggestions for classroom activities

The British Library’s Online Gallery gives a short summary (with photos) of important places of worship for Muslims around the world. (Includes Jerusalem, Makkah and Medina)

Find out about what Muslims believe about angels, what are they? How many are there? What are their names? And what can they do?

CBBC Newsround gives a short summary of ‘What is the Quran’

BBC Religion gives an introduction to the Quran, its origin and its contents. Includes audio recordings of Quran readings in Arabic