Islam is an Arabic word which means ‘peace’ and ‘obedience’. A Muslim is someone who follows Islam, wants to live in ‘peace’ and is ‘obedient’ to God.

Muslims live in all parts of the world: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, Australia. Some countries have many Muslims and some have a few.

No one knows for sure exactly how many Muslims there are in the world, but there are thought to be about one billion. That is the same as one in every six people in the world.

Muslims do not all look the same. They may have different coloured skin, have different cultural backgrounds, speak different languages, wear different clothes and even eat different kinds of foods.

Did you Know?

  • There are 38 million Chinese Muslims in the world.

  • The country with the largest Muslim population is Indonesia.

  • The Muslim book of guidance is called ‘The Quran’

  • The Muslim book of guidance is called ‘The Quran’