The end of a person’s life is a very sad event.

Muslims believe that when a person dies their soul (called ‘ruh’ in Arabic) does not die but goes back to God.

The first thing a Muslim says when they hear of a death is:

‘To God we belong and to him we will return’

In Arabic this is ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun’.

People will usually pray for the dead person, and recite verses of the Quran.

After a Muslim dies the body is bathed and then wrapped in two sheets of white cloth. Sometimes perfume is applied. Muslims are buried facing the Kabah, in Makkah, where possible.

The funeral is organised as quickly as possible because Muslims believe that the body should be laid to rest quickly.

Many people in the community will come to the mosque to say the funeral prayers (janazah) for the deceased person. People will also visit the relatives of the deceased to pay their respects. Mourning ceremonies can last from a few days to forty days in some Muslim cultures.