The Quran teaches Muslims that life, the world we live in, the relationships that we have and the plans that we make are all temporary. Everything has to finish at some point. However, death is not the end. Although bodies may decay or be cremated, Muslims believe that the soul of a human being will go on. The Quran tells of another life after death, where one can live again, forever. What we will take with us into our next life are the good deeds that we did during our lifetime.

There are many examples of doing good and they include some of the simplest of things. Helping people in need, helping animals, caring for neighbours, saying kind words, smiling at other people, helping a blind person cross the road or cutting down on wastage – these are all examples of good. Muslims believe that doing good in the world is an important way to worship God. Our lives in this world are full of opportunities to do things in a way that is full of meaning and goodness. On the Last Day, all the things that we have done, good or bad, will be seen. Any kind actions, good plans, nice thoughts that we have had will be rewarded and God will reward those who tried hard and did pleasant things such as giving in charity, caring for elderly relatives, being a good neighbour etc.

Muslims try to remember the Last Day, even if it does sound a little scary, so that they work extra hard to do good things now or as soon as possible. Remembering the Last Day also stops us doing bad things such as hurting people, hurting animals, damaging plants, bullying and stealing.