Not everything that we believe in can be seen. For example, we all know love exists, because although we cannot see love, we can feel it! Muslims believe that there are a lots of other things that exist, but cannot be seen by the naked eye… like the air we breathe or a tiny baby (embryo) growing inside its mother!

The Quran teaches about ‘Angels’.

Muslims believe that God has made angels and although Muslims don’t know what they look like, they believe that angels carry out God’s commands without asking any questions. Muslims are taught that angels are made out of light and have many important jobs.

Some angels are so special they have been mentioned by name in the Quran. The Angel Gabriel or ‘Jibrail’ as he is known in Arabic, brought the verses of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. He had a very important role and is the most well-known of the angels. Others that we know of are called Mikail, Israfeel and Izraeel.